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Yo summers break is coming up soon Yay. So any way fourth post of my novel study’s this week it is about themes the themes on my book is sci-fi, fantasy, war, family, individualism these are some of my themes the two I’m working on are sci fi and fantasy.

Sci-fi “Science fiction is a genre of fiction. It differs from fantasy in that, within the context of the story.”  I got that off of it simply mean that it is fantasy based but is scientific but only a little at a time and it could be as simple the way a sword is made. (exhales)

now fantasy is fake. True fiction now most fantasy has lots of things like gnomes, dragon, and elves. They are usually like I am the normal boy that destined to save the world from growing darkness. thought I will have the the help of my mentor and/or friends. Someone might die and someone will surly get maimed.


The Authors Canvas

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“Hello and were here with Daniel to tell us about an authors craft on a story”. Thank you Alter (ego). Well like last week and the week before I did my posts on the book I am reading The Telling Pool. And like last week it is about something different. This one is about how an author writes the book and their kind of style. The persons book that I’m reading is very realistic and is easy to grasp. The author also makes it so real on how people of the time period would act and would do because they hated magic but the book is magic. My Teacher Mr.fisher said that the book is the authors canvas the same way it is a painter.

“”Was it truly terrible, Father” Rhordi asked, as Owen Falcon and his son sat by the stream below their little home. “In the holy lands, I mean.”” This was a paragraph form the telling pool. This was a good paragraph because it was in his own kind of way and explained what was going on. “Rhordi stirred angrily, but he thought of Wolfrin and his visits to Megan” This was a bad paragraph yes it is to the point but it doesn’t have any writing so it cut off early. Well Ego I am done. “Well well well this was an intresting one so far any way come back next week when we talk about themes” (*backround* “AAAAANNND CUT).

conflicts that never stop

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Hello, dear reader this is not Dr.Honeydew here with you in Muppet labs to bring you the future today. This is how ever Daniel and today I an writing the second part of the independent novel study and this time it is about conflicts And my book has lots of conflict and it is of both kinds internal and external. The Internal is of the main character Rhodri and he thinks that everyone is betraying him in some sort of way or another.(I won’t tell you how.) And The external conflict is the war in the “holy land” of Jerusulum.

And the author is just letting it grow in time because he saw a betrayal in action.

Thought one of my favourite part was that the kid is starting to grow up and is starting to see the darkness in the world but he is also seeing the light And he kows what it is like to provide for a family.

Aeflic(?) is the so of a noble who is onne reeeeaaaaallllllllyyy snotty brat who flaunts his power and is one of the meanier characters and to try to prove his power he hangs out with the lords kid william.

The author gives me a fair bit on how the characters look like how Rhordi has his mothers dark hair and and his fathers (hazel eyes?).

Well bye!!!

Beginning It All

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Hello world plus two I am doing independent novel study in school and I picked the book “The Telling Pool”  and this week it is about beginnings. So Here it is. The beginning is something different and interesting it starts out how life is for the boy named Rhordi who is the son of a master falconer and they were in a fair. And in this fair he comes upon a fortune teller who tells him his destiney is great and he could possibly weild the sword that brings only peace. Excalibur.

He then leaves but later on he finds a blind blacksmith who tells him something of excalibur that he never heard before.

Later at st. martins day his birthing day he has one of the best gifts that a son of a master falconer can have he got his first falcon. the one he has been training with for months a rock falcon. He compeats in the compations with him the falcon he named Melanor.

He makes into the finals but a person who doesn’t like the welsh boy (sorry if I forgot to mention it.) set loose his falcon a fration of a minute after him and Melanor gets hurt. But then the lord comes over and says that the muslums have taken jeruslum and that they were to free it and so every man went to war. Rhordi looked after the falcons while the war and he becomes freinds with the lords son. william but both like the millers daughter sarah so the wlsh boy gets a bit mad and goes fly Melnor near the woods were melanor gets lost and he goes looking for the bird and meats this old man. So any way this book is based in the middle ages in england (I think) and I think the main character in a child who knows nothing of the world and thinks that the world is a handy dandy place. The authour begins the book at an important spot in the story where they get Melanor. Which would lead him to the old man. My prediction is the old man is the keeper of the telling pool. And will aid yound Rhordi to save the world (or so I say).

To Work-A-Holic or Not To Work-A-Holic

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Hi ppl, I did this thing at it was a survey to see what I might become. So I thought this is cool and so I am telling you what we did in school we made a picture of what we are going to be in 2025 and I believe I am going to be a writer. And so I did the survey and on # 19 I had writer. The way it started was by my teacher giving us a short survey. Well anyway my keyboard sucks so bye

Grapgh of What

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Hillo ppl I need to upload a graph on my blog so here it is

foreign progammers watch more canadian programs then we canadians do.

We Canadians watch the news more than foreigners watch.

foreigners watch dramas more than we do.

foreigners watch more game shows than we do.

And they watch more comedy than we do 😦


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Hi everyone Today I am being a ginea pig and is testing out if I can put a survey on this blog so lets see